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A Very clean IBM selectric carrier 

We shipped this reconditioned machine & even though it was packed perfect it still arrived damaged. The keyboard has special "leaf" springs & one of these got dislodged. Easy fix If we had this in front of us, But we duplicated the problem & used one of our tricks of the trade, video taped the process & had our long distance customer try it. Worked for them as quickly as the video showed.


       P r e s s  P l a y --------------------->

Additional service's include :

  • Yearly maintenance contracts
  • Typewriters
  • Intense chemical clean, restore


We  have been a full service & sales typewriter dealer since the late 1970's.  Factory training by some of the largest Business machine manufactures in the world including : : : : : : : : : : : :   IBM - Adler - Royal - Olivetti - Swintec - Brother - Smith Corona 

ABC's ( Annual Basic Cleaning ) Is the most common service we do, although not so much yearly as typewriters don't get nearly as much use as they once did. ABC service includes lubricating critical area's. Cleaning all rubber rollers & platen. cleaning type, ball, wheel. Flush & lube rails &  Bushings. Air blow out, Polish card guide, Clean Keyboard, Basic tune up and fine adjustments

Repair's( actual failure of unit )  Starts with phone analysis of manufacture & model & symptom. Machines will break & the biggest factor now is if it is cost effective to proceed or replace. Although we have 1000's of parts, parts availability is a factor. All repairs come with a standard 90 day warranty. ABC is Included free as part of service on repaired machines too.

Restoration's ( many different levels ) Museum quality restorations are usually never cost effective as the value of typewriter is limited. Any Re-painting, Re-covering (rollers), Re-surfacing (metal) drives the price up fast. Restoring a typewriter back to operational condition can usually be done cost effectively. Some metal & chrome can be polish, others can't. Rollers can have flat spots inhibiting paper feed, not uncommon on 80 year old typewriters. Just give us a call we can handle anything typewriter related. 

  • Call us is your 1st step
  • We have on-site service available                                            
  • Loaner machine available if needed (no charge)
  • Carry in service, shop is near 51st Ave & Thunderbird rd. 

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