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J.C. Business

Manufacture's Repair Training Certificate's 

Phoenix Typewriter / J.C. Business Machines have been full service typewriter / business machines company since the since the 70's. We opened up business & specialized on IBM typewriters, especially the Selectric's II & III's. Quickly we became Factory dealers for most major business machine manufactures, Including Olivetti - Adler - Royal - Smith Corona - Swintec - BrotherEtc. We Sold

and serviced and rented All types of commercial business including

Calculators, Fax machine's, Time Clocks, Cash Registers, Dictation Units& other Business products & of course, the Typewriters Too......

J.C. Business Machines now that most office equipment has been incorporated into the computer & other low end printers & calculators are basically disposable, We now focus on Restoration of Vintage / Antique Typewriters.

Complete range of service is available from basic to detailed restoring jobs.

Give us a call, 602-992-7611 for questions about your Typewriter or

Any Business Machine you might have questions about .