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^After Cleaning ( gets White)        ^Middle is Untouched ^               ^After Clean & Treatment^ 

​Royal Full size typewriter from 1933 , very dirty

Photo shows contrast between cleaning process used for the case portion

Left side is After cleaning (but before treatment )

Middle is untouched portion

Right is After Cleaning & treatment  


March 13th, 2014 > 1909 Oliver # 5  Rare, Unique, Antique, Rust Bucket !    After Service, Much Better, But still a lot of corrosion ( Petina )


March 1st, 2013 -->  1950's Royal full size manual , Bullet Proof Design.

This particular unit went from Very Very Dirty ....... to Very Very CLEAN !



Feb 20th, 2014 -->  Underwood # 11  1938 Has upgraded features like a paper bail with feed rollers & different ribbon selector & green scale

We Repaired broken carriage return arm link, dozen of sticky key bar pivots, missing screws, Space bar rubber stoppers, general adjustments 

Customer is giving this to their grand daughter as she want's to write a book with it.             Complete job was about $ 150.00



Old Broken foot

Aug 21st 2013 ---> 1908 Underwood Typewriter - Before           1908 UNDERWOOD  After complete Service


Common for these key tops to spin &twist after 100 years, 

To align you need to remove chrome ring & glass & reassemble.

Time consuming indeed !

This particular job we had about 4 hours time,

machine came in very rough with isolated rust on the rear key pivots

And all 4 feet were Bad. (below)

Machine came out working perfect ! 

before and after Photo's

photo's of some basic refurbishing work we do